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Diy mirror grinding aspherical : telescopes

Diy mirror grinding aspherical () submitted 1 year ago by Choice77777 I understand that people have been able to grind a mirror that's spherical with a very simple grinding disk set on an arm that just moves in a repeating fashion.

Moulding Catalog by Mirror Reflections

Mirror Reflections developed the most intuitive, compelling and interactive full scale moulding catalog in the woodworking industry. We offer over 15,000 searchable by size profiles that are easy to locate. Browse a wide range of molding designs including base, casing, crown, handrail and much more.

Dick Parker's Telescope Mirror Workshop: Cassegrain

The Cassegrain Project I ground the secondary with the workstand and worked the tool on top just like I would grind a larger mirror. This optic is small enough that a lens grinding machine could work well. This way, the hyperbolic shape is confirmed and, in addition, the edge of the mirror can be seen. The picture on the

Rocky Tempered Glass With Edge Grinding Buy Edge

Rocky Tempered Glass With Edge Grinding, Find Complete Details about Rocky Tempered Glass With Edge Grinding,Edge Grinding Glass,Edge Grinding Glass,Edge Grinding Glass from Building Glass Supplier or Manufacturer Qingdao Rocky Industry Co., Ltd.

EdgeTune™ Pro II Do It Yourself Professional Results

Looking for the latest hand held ceramic edge grinding tool, but can't afford a $3200 SnowGlide or an $800 DiscMan? EdgeTune™ Pro II is the answer, with outstanding performance at a fraction of the price!

Chipped Edges After Grinding The Cutting Edge

· Chipped Edges After Grinding in The Cutting Edge: I have noticed that the edges of my glass pieces are chipped or pitted after grinding. (My scoring is pretty good so the edges are nice and smooth before grinding) I've been told that my grinding bit is either too old or too new, that I need a finer bit and that perhaps I press too hard all could be true but I thought I would get

The " f/ Mirror Grind DIY Astronomer

· A jig was needed to hold the blank or grinding tool steady for grinding. for this I found a redundant piece of pine shelve, placed the mirror blank on it as a template, then screwed in a few of those plastic furniture blocks around the edge of the blank, making sure they held it

Making the 20 inch Conical Mirror Pierre Lemay

Making the 20 inch Conical Mirror. part article Dilworth explained how he had used grinding wheels to grind away the excess glass and produce his tapered mirror. I would do the same by grinding away the back of my already tapered glass blank to further reduce the edge thickness from 1" to ½" and I would trepan a 3½" hole for central

China Glass Straight Line Round Edge Grinding Machine

Glass Round Edge Machine, Glass Round Edge Polishing Machine, Glas Round Edge Grinding Machine manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Glass Straight Line Round Edge Grinding Machine (GM031 6320), 4 8mm Antique Mirror for Decoration with All Certificate, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm Antique Mirror for Wall Decoration and so on.

Straight Edge For Grinder Shop'n'Tool Glass

Straight Edge For Grinder in Shop'n'Tool: I have had a problem using my grinder. I have nerve damage from an accident. When I grind a straight edge it becomes uneven. I saw a Glastar Straight edge guide online. Is anyone familiar with it? Are there other straight edge guides? thanks

Edge treatment, drilling and cutouts using SCHOTT glass

If, after installation, the glass edges remain visible, they generally undergo grinding or polishing. In addition to the decorative aspect of edge processing, glass stiffness is also affected by the mechanical and thermal stresses from the type of edge processing used.

Grinding Tips Knives Sites

Grinding Tips. Grinding with Speed, Grind the edge with a 45 degree bevel almost down to the desired edge thickness, nice and straight. Use an older, worn out roughing belt. This can be done after scribing the edge line(s) for stock removal guys, or after forging for hammer heads.

spin polishing a perfect edge

For spin polishing (or grinding) OTOH the lap (or tool) is free to follow the curve of the glass, but other than that its pivot is just fixed in space above the rotating mirror. A picture being some K better, here's one of a mirror that's undergoing final polishing prep before figuring today.

Is it the grind or the sharpener (Wicked Edge

· Is it the grind or the sharpener (Wicked Edge) down a little, but the right side edge grind went up. I can still see the old grind line on the left side, but now the edge grind on both side looks even. I sharpened one side to a 20 degree mirror finish (on the left side of my WEPS). It looked great. I couldn't do the other side cause

How to Cut Mirror or Glass * View Along the Way

How to Cut Mirror or Glass. Last week I showed you guys our little DIY reclaimed wood mirror: And then I showed you pictures of Mila Jane: Optional: Sand the edge. Our mirror went inside a frame and the edges will never be seen or touched by a human again, so we didn't do anything to the raw edge, but you can sand it down or apply a

Grinding wheels for a sharp and durable edge Tormek

Tormek offers a range of specially developed Grinding Wheels. Everything from our Original Grindstone to the fine Japanese Waterstone and the new Diamond Wheels. Tormek USA we recommend the Tormek Japanese Waterstone which comes with a 4000 Grit and delivers a mirror finish with a razor sharp edge.

Mirror Glass Grinding Coolant Filtration and Separation

Mirror Glass Grinding Coolant is the lifeblood of your glass manufacturing process. Properly filtering and separating mirror glass grinding coolant so you can deliver clean grinding coolant at the right flow and pressure is very important to produce predictable grinding wheel / belt / drill life, as well as superior edge quality, and to deliver

Intersurface Dynamics Inc. Edge Grinding

Edge Grinding: Edge grinding is performed for dimensional accuracy of a part and/or to provide a chamfered edge for lapping/surface grinding. The process is performed on optical, piezoelectric and ceramic material using a edge grinding wheel plated or bonded with diamond abrasive.


· A bevelled edge is decorative feature, and is more often seen on mirrors than on desktop glass. It gives the glass/mirror a "framed" appearance, by creating a

Sharpening Chisels, Part 2 Tips

The 1,000 grit waterstone (a "medium" grit stone) will hone the cutting edge to a mirror finish. When you've finished grinding the bevel, you'll notice that the grinding wheel raised a burr along the back of the cutting edge.

Fabricated Glass Specialties, inc. Products

Our Mirror in Edgework. The Triple Pencil is also referred to as the Waterfall edge. With three convex "bumps" cascading down the side, this edge creates an interesting design. More Edge The Pencil Grind is a popular edgework. Edges are ground slightly round. The edge is not polish

Mirror Grinding Project DIY Astronomer

· Looking forward to seeing the results ! if you dont already know,,,, I love these scopes, often maligned by the APO police but these offer a taste of BIG !!! refractor heaven for little outlay as you found, man 199 quid !, bargain .You will enjoy this scope, congratulations .Oh yes, grab an

Si wafer Edge grinding / Downsizing

The sharp edge of sawn wafers fractures readily, producing unacceptable edge chips and particles. This edge is ground with a diamond disk to remove the damage and to eliminate periferical stress. By edge grinding, the final diameter of the wafer is fitted.

Mirror Questions

I Googled mirror edge sealants and came up with This Page of available sealants. Perhaps you can find one of them in Ireland. This will protect the edges plus any place on the back that has been chipped during cutting or grinding. I don't grind mirror unless it is absolutely necessary because grinding always chips the edges. You can read

Casting a Large, Light Weight Telescope Mirror From

· The first photo below shows a inch diameter, inch thick, telescope mirror blank, made from recycled glass, that has been lightened by casting the mirror in a mold that made lots of hexagon shaped pockets in the back of the mirror. This is the story of how I did it. Why light weight mirror

Floor Grinders For Sale Concrete Edge Grinding Machine

Floor Grinders For Sale Concrete Edge Grinding Machine, Find Complete Details about Floor Grinders For Sale Concrete Edge Grinding Machine,Small Concrete Polishing Machinery,Stone Polishing Machine,Stone Polishing Machine from Supplier or Manufacturer Fujian

Repair or Replace a Black Edge Desilvering Bathroom Mirror

Many people face a common problem with mirrors, which is the development of black edges or blackening of mirrors is also sometimes called desilvering and it is a common sight especially in the bathroom some time, the shine and the transparency of the mirror gets vastly different from what it used to look like when first produced.

How to Grind & Polish the Edges of Glass Shelves eHow

How to Grind & Polish the Edges of Glass Shelves; Lay the glass shelf flat on the glass grinder with the unfinished edge facing the grinder wheel. Turn the glass grinder on and place your hands flat on top of the glass shelf. Move it forward just until the edge touches the grinder bit. Move the glass edge along the bit in a smooth, slow

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